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Magnetic Inline Type Separator
Magnetic Inline Type Separator

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B.M. & Sons Magnetic Inline Separator is self-cleaning type of Magnetic Separation with Drive System and housing with feeding hopper. It is generally used in continuous process line where magnetic particles are separated and collected continuously in collecting chute meant for it. Non-contaminated material is passed through for further processing. This system has internal stationary magnet and outside S.S.316 |Shell that is driven at constant speed.

Salient Features:
-Self Cleaning Iron separation System
- Low maintenance & high separation efficiency.
- Can be Install online production line.
- Improve quality of product.
- Available in different magnetic strength.
- Low strength : 2000 to 3000 Gauss.
- Medium Strength : 4000 to 6000 Gauss.
- High strength : 1000 to 11000 Gauss.

Application :
The Magnetic Drum incorporates High intensity strontium / Rare Earth magnets. These are widely used for:
- Tea Industries
- Food industries
- Cattle Feed Plants
- Flour Mills
- Rice mills
- Minerals
- Refractoriness
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