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Permanent Lifting Magnet
Permanent Lifting Magnet

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Permanent lifting magnet incorporate permanent magnets in conjunction with steel parts. The permanent lifting magnet provide the power for an indefinite period of time. For practical use the magnetic power of a permanent lifting magnet has to be turned ON and OFF. This is done mechanically. An external power source is not required which means that permanent lifting magnet can be used virtually anywhere. They are so-called "self contained" devices.

- An easy and economical method for connecting loads during lifting and handling operations.
- Used for many applications such as moving iron blocks, cylindrical sections and other metal material.
- Lightweight and easy to use.
- Widely used as hoisting devices in factories, docks, warehouses and in the transportation industries.
- Complete with top shackle and 'V slot on base.
- On and off easily controlled by manual handle.

Model No.  Size Factor Lifting Capacity
BM-PLM-1023 260L x 85W x 105H 1:3 500kg
BM-PLM-1024 350L x 130W x135H 1:3 1000kg
BM-PLM-1025 405L x 150W x 160H 1:3 1500kg
BM-PLM -1026  460L x 170W x 185H 1:3 2000kg
BM-PLM-1027 570L x 195W x 205H 1:3 2500kg

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