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Vibratory Motor
Vibratory Motor
Vibratory Motor Vibratory Motor Vibratory Motor

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Unbalanced motor with special tough design is used as drive for the vibrating malchines. The applications are feeding, screening, discharging etc. The vibration motors are available in 2800, 1440, 960 and 750 RPM. The special features includes sturdy frame with stiffing ribs, Body Fabricated with high grtade ductile iron, Extra large dia. Of Shaft to resist bending under high centrifugal force, Fitted with heavy duty cylindrical roller bearing, specially varnished winding with terminal box to withstand tough operating conditions, Specially designed electrial parameters for cool operation condition. Vibration motors are available from 0.25 HP to 10 HP in foot mounted design or flange mounted type. Vibration motor are widely used in process plants, Glass, Food, Metal, Coal power plant, Chemical, Ceramic, Iron and steel, Foundries, Packaging industries etc.

Technical Data
  Centrifugal force range of the type series : 0-12000 Kgs/Meter
  Operating Voltages : Standard version 380/440 V, 50/60 Hz, others on request.
  Ambient temperature : 25° C to 80° C, different temperature ranges on request.
  Insulation Class : F
  Operation : Continuous Service at the maximum indicated centrifugal force and Electric Power rating.
  Fixing : The Electric vibration can be fixed in all positions with no limitations.
  Terminal Box : Sized to make the electrical connections easier.
  Bearings : The lower and upper bearings have been designed to support the relative load.
  Drive Shaft : Oversized, made of treated steel and able to withstand high stress.

No Frame HP Hole Center Motor Holl & Drill Size
1 63 0.25 80 85 270 150 170 4 - 14mm
2 71 0.5 120 85 320 180 195 4 - 14mm
3 80 1.0 140 108 360 200 215 4 - 14mm
4 90 2.0 152 130 460 220 270 4 - 18mm
5 100 3.0 200 130 540 260 320 6 - 22mm
6 112 5.0 210 170 610 270 355 6 - 22mm
7 132 7.5 280 200 650 350 425 6 - 22mm
8 160 10 395 325 720 380 450 6- 40mm

Bhagwandas Vibrator Motor equipments have more than 10 years of experience with the industrial use of vibrators enable us to advice our customers about the beneficial use of vibrators and vibration technologies. Vibrators are drive elements for all types of vibratory equipment.

These are in particular conveyor troughts, screens & vibrating table for all types of bulk materials. vibrators are also used in construction industry as internal applications are mainly conveying, compacting, emptying, cleaning testing and feeding of allkind of product. vibrators are used in almost all industrial areas like chemical applications, food industry pharmaceutical industry, electronics, foundries construction industry animal feed industry and in the packaging industry

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