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Flange Mounted Vibratory Motor
Flange Mounted Vibratory Motor

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Unbalance motors are a synchronous AC Motors with pairs of centrifugal weight fitted to the ends of the motor shafts. The size of the unbalance and with it the amplitude of the oscillation by the working unit can be adjusted by shifting the centrifugal weights when the motor is at a stanstill.

The unbalance motors are also available in a special version for mains voltages up to 440V and for a mains frequncy ranging from 50 Hz to 60 Hz.
No Frame HP PCD OD Motor Length Nos. Of Holls
1 63 0.25 160 180 210 14mmx6no5
2 71 0.5 180 225 270 14mmx6no5
3 80 1.0 230 270 310 15mmx6no5
4 90 2.0 230 270 370 22mmx6no5
5 100 3.0 270 300 370 22mmx6no5
6 112 5.0 300 350 440 27mmx6no5
7 132 7.5 360 410 510 27mmx6no5
8 160 10 400 450 550 27mmx6no5

Bhagwandas Vibrator Motor equipments  have more than 10 years of experience with the industrial use of vibrators enable us to advice our customers about the beneficial use of vibrators and vibration technologies. Vibrators are drive elements for all types of vibratory equipment.

These are in particular conveyor troughts, screens & vibrating table for all types of bulk materials. vibrators are also used in construction industry as internal applications are mainly conveying, compacting, emptying, cleaning testing and feeding of allkind of product. vibrators are used in almost all industrial areas like chemical applications, food industry pharmaceutical industry, electronics, foundries construction industry animal feed industry and in the packaging industry

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